Amolto Call Recorder for Skype is no exception, it will allow you to record your Skype calls and they will be automatically recorded minus zero effort from the user. This works for everyone who would like to have a smooth recording – however you can change the automatic settings to manual recording if it does not work for you that way. A great feature about this program is its capability to record group calls, which is of course helpful when it comes to conference Skype calls. It also has plenty of features we shall look at shortly here. If you enjoy to record your Skype calls and you are as well ready to upgrade, this app would be a great choice, it records all calls with high quality, anyway, why i said if you enjoy to record and feel like ready to upgrade, is because this app will not offer you with video Skype calls with its free trial version, users can only have access to both Skype calls only if  they upgrade to the paid version, precisely, this app comes with two versions; one will offer audio Skype calls and the second one will offer both Skype calls like i mentioned earlier. You think Amolto is amazing? Grab it, it will definitely get the job done for you!

Features of Amolto

  • Its user friendly interface gives users a beautiful gesture, which makes them recommend it to their friends so that they can also experience a good time when they use Amolto to record their Skype conversations.
  • The app brings excitement when you use it, because as soon as you make a call, you will see it doing its job of recording surely and slowly.
  • It is also lightweight, quite different from some other apps available, which of course make it even more modern
  • With the fact that it is free to download, it has become more popular on the market of Skype recorders
  • This software is efficient enough to allow you adjust the light levels from 1o% – 100%, depending on what works pretty good for you.
  • Don’t think this app is moderate and not advanced just because its user-friendly and very simple, it will ensure high quality results every time you record your Skype calls, so users should be confident that they will get the best out of it.

Advantages of Amolto

  • Amolto call recorder records with high quality
  • Best thing here is that it is compatible with windows
  • This app can also be hidden while recording your Skype calls – if you want to

Disadvantages of Amolto

  • Amolto is nice both the free trial version and the paid version, the only disadvantage there is that it cannot allow users to record video with the free trial version, users are only limited to audio Skype calls, so all people who do not want to be limited when recording Skype calls, need to pay to get both Skype calls.



AthTek is one of the most unique apps on the market. In fact, it supports both video and audio Skype call recording. This program is noted for its straightforward interface, which is manageable by everyone. The app is not only known for its unique features, but also for splitting Skype calls into different files. It is identifiable for its efficiency and reliability during Skype call recording. Interestingly, this app offers various recording formats for both video and audio calls such as mp3, flac, wma, ogg and others. Besides, from time to time, i have recommended this tool to literally all my friends who used to ask me about best tools that can record their Skype calls, it comes out that nobody has ever even complained or regretted using it. Meaning it is worth downloading on your computer and start recording your Skype calls. Not to forget, it is as well compatible with windows 7, windows XP, windows VISTA as well as windows 2000, as it works greatly with Skype. Most noted about this reliable app is it will allow you to pick and release, which of course helps you to drag old history from Skype to media player, and i bet this is one of the things everyone likes about AthTek

Are you asking yourself, how do i use it?

  • Find the app from the official website of AthTek
  • Download and install it on your device
  • The interface is precise, click on the Allow access button that pops up
  • Make a Skype call from there and the tool will begin to record the call
  • To play around with the video call, check out more features from the settings
  • When you are through with recording, tap the Stop button and the recording will end
  • Your files will be saved on the computer afterwards

Features of AthTek

We like this tool because of the many amazing features it offers while recording your Skype conversations and we are going to list some of them for you right here, check them out.

  • This tool is great for editing Skype calls, users are allowed to do whatever they want to do with their video Skype calls, you are free to top up anything just to make your recording appear different for example, like adding simple tags as well as tittles, which also makes it easy for you to identify them easily in case you are looking for them and what to use them for reference in the future.
  • Recording Skype calls automatically is the order of the day with this app, unless you do not intend to record your calls automatically and decide to opt for the manual recording

Advantages of AthTek

  • It can record both video and audio calls
  • It comes with editing functions

Disadvantages of AthTek

  • This tool will allow you to record for just ten minutes with the free trial version which limits users who have no potential to purchase for the unlimited version






Callnote is one of, if not the most identifiable reliable Skype recorder apps, it is highly recognized because of its convenience to permit users upload their Skype recordings on various social media Platforms for the world to see, such as Face Book as well as Viber, anyone can access face book provided they search for you by the right names, which means your friends will be in position to see what you recorded if at all you upload them. The program allows you to record video and audio Skype calls and produces high quality products.  The tool starts to record automatically as opposed to starting it every time you make a call, which is better that way because it guarantees your calls would never miss to be recorded.

Features of Callnote

  • It is really exciting to record Skype calls with this app as it will allow you to take immediate snapshots, the majority like this feature most because it helps to take snapshots during their recording sessions – by doing so they get to save various moments they had when they were having a conversation.
  • With this app, you would never miss to record online meetings because they are also supported,
  • There is no point of recording Skype calls that are not audible, that is why this software come handy in every way, it ensures high quality recordings, we feel like it’s more feature packed, because whatever you need in a recorder, it provides.

How to install Callnote

  1. For most Skype recording softwares, the app will be downloaded through web browser
  2. Go to the official website of Callnote
  3. Click download, it’s always close to the app you want to download
  4. The app window will automatically open and trace the progress of your download
  5. There are no any additional steps to finish the download
  6. After the download is done, tap install and installation will begin
  7. Simply follow the order on the interface
  8. One of them is, you will be prompted to click Allow access button
  9. Click the button to continue
  10. After you do, you will be notified that your call is ready to be recorded
  11. Place your Skype call
  12. You will see the app recording peacefully
  13. And as you record, you will see a pause and stop button
  14. You are free to click on them, in case you want to use them
  15. As soon as you complete recording, Click on the stop button
  16. It will stop recording Asap and it will be saved on your computer in the Documents folder
  17. To watch them again, click on the folder and it will show you all the details you might need

Once you follow the steps i have mentioned above while installing Callnote video Skype recorder software, trust me, it will be set and ready record every Skype call you make.

Disadvantages of Callnote

  • The free version cannot record for a lifetime






iFree Skype Recorder is undeniably the first software in the whole world to provide free and unlimited Skype calls, and that has highly contributed to its popularity on the market. The program speaks for itself because it is very simple to record calls with. Everything on its interface is brief and users can never fail to understand it. it will allow you record unlimited calls, which is not common with other apps, more reason why users over rate it as one of the best ever, so many people wish to record their important Skype calls for free, but have no idea that there is a completely free tool they can use, this is the app, it is just un believable the way it works. And on top of that, when it records calls, it will also save them for you on your computer. With this app, you will be able to record Skype calls automatically, be it SkypeOut or SKypeIn call, which is ideal for any call. In addition, it has two versions, it has the free version, plus the paid version, they both allow you to record Skype calls but the paid version has great features that will make your recording experience more enjoyable and much better.

Features of iFree

  • Not only will iFree app record your Skype calls, but will also save your audio calls with mp3 file format immediately you stop your call.
  • This other feature is useful to everyone, mostly for people who are always up and down and those that hardly find time for their Skype. The tool provides a chat reply – which automatically texts back whenever someone texts you when you are not around, it will send back appropriate feedback and your friends will not feel neglected at all, tell me, wouldn’t you love to use this app with all these reliable features it offers? Personally, i enjoy recording my calls with iFree since i can ever record my Skype calls non-stop.
  • Who would want to record calls that are unclear and full of echoes? I guess no one – now to avoid all that, you need this app, because it is reliable when it comes to producing good quality results, recordings that you can be proud of and even openly share them with other people and of course every memory is more fun when it is smooth.
  • The app is compatible with windows; this is obviously an added advantage to it since it makes it simpler to operate, all my fellow windows users, i recommend you try this simple and free tool.
  • The tool is also pocket friendly, whether you have money or you are just not ready to spend cash on any Skype recorder app, it will enable you to record unlimited Skype conversations

Advantages of iFree

  • Users are allowed to record Skype calls without charge
  • It stores audio Skype calls in mp3 file format

Disadvantages of iFree

  • We all know that, even the nicest things, also have their faults somewhere, somehow; and we found out that this tool cannot support long calls.








Evaer is an app that proves how simple recording Skype conversations can be. It will record both video and audio Skype calls, as it makes sure to capture them during your recording period. It works best on windows, which is more convenient for all users with windows PC. If you are looking to try out a recorder that is very simple and functional, Evaer is a great place to start, you will not find any hard time when you use this recorder to record your Skype calls. it has a direct interface that is full featured to get you started. All you have to do is download and install the app, make a Skype call, and it will record automatically not until you stop it. It will also record your Skype video calls with AVI / MP4 file format, depending on what you desire. This is especially helpful when you want to play your recording s from different players, because they can even be shared. This program comes with a trial version, plus the paid version. The free version offers both video and audio Skype calls, but the calls will be restricted, whereas the paid version offers unlimited call recording. So we think, it even gets more fun when you upgrade. All that said, it is free to download.

Features of Evear

  1. This tool is liked and used by many because it enables you to share files while recording calls for example, you can share music as well as videos etc
  2. One of the strongest qualities this app has is its excellent high quality production, which is nice for playing back in the future; you will have very clear recordings that will put a smile on your face every time you re-watch them.
  3. It has various modes you can record your Skype calls with, such as Separate video mode, Picture in Picture mode, Separate files mode or Side by Side mode, and it can also record group video Skype calls until 10 ways.
  4. And lastly, if you are planning to have group video Skype calls, Evaer could be better because it supports all that and it is effective.

Advantages of Evaer

  • It can be better for professional Skype calls since it even records automatically
  • It is simple to use and that makes it ideal for all users
  • Users are free to record video and audio Skype calls
  • It can record voice mails and Skype video chats
  • The tool comes with automatic settings, which can be changed to manual settings any time if you do not want all your Skype conversations to be recorded automatically.

Disadvantages of Evaer

  • The main drawback with this app is that it offers only five minutes of Skype call recording with the free trial version, so if you expect to have serious Skype calls and this is your pick, it’s better to pay some money in order to record with the paid version which offers unlimited calls.


Supertintin is a complete recording app that is just about convenient and efficient as reliable apps get. This software is loaded with useful features including Side by Side, Picture in Picture, Separate files, Local webcam only, and Remote webcam only, excellent high quality, and a pause button that makes recording easier because you can click the pause button at any time. Its stability makes it exceptional for anyone to entrust it with recording calls. we believe that this tool provides the best recording experiences, as its goal is to help you record both video and audio Skype calls, and surely, we all know, not all apps available can offer both calls because most of them offer audio call recording, to get the video calling, you need to pay, in addition to experiences, it also allows to upload files on YouTube for other people to watch your recordings. It requires minimal time and effort while installing than most recorders, which does not frustrate at all. It can also be operated by new users, since the interface is super user-friendly. While you record your Skype calls, the tool will allow you to store recorded Skype files to your computer or USB, which makes it easier for you playback in the future. Try to install this app if you think it would be of great use.

Features of Supertintin

  • First, this tool offers a free trial version, which helps you to try out Skype call recording. The reason it offers a free trial, is simply because, when users have a sample of how excellent it is with the free version they definitely have to imagine how the paid version would perform – and if they realise the app is reliable and offers professional features. They upgrade.
  • It is lightweight, also downloading is simple, as it will not take more than one minute for it be on your windows PC
  • The tool supports screen sharing, users are able to screen share all that is necessary while recording Skype video calls and it will make sure to display every little detail on the Screen. Like really, who never gets excited about this feature, i enjoy using it when i am recording my Skype lessons and every time that i do it, i benefit much more than when i record without sharing.
  • Another amazing feature we found useful about this app, is when it records Skype calls, it will show you all the information of the Skype call made, for example; like Date, month, year, plus the time duration – this will obviously help you to not spend so much time looking for your previous recorded calls
  • It is good for recording video Skype calls because it produces HD results – of course the kind of results you will not be ashamed of to share with your friends and families on YouTube.

Advantages of Supertintin

  • It records both Skype calls including voice mails and Skype video messages
  • The tool also supports Skype group video calls


The full list of Skype Call recorder for Windows

Skype is the most popular program used by different kinds of individuals around the globe to stay in touch; it provides video calls, audio calls as well as instant messages through internet connection. Not only is it used to keep a strong bond between people, but also professionals use it for work purposes such as having Skype interviews and conferences, many times people have wished to record their Skype calls for different reasons, so that they can have a second chance to watch again the fond memories of their loved ones and friends they recorded, but Skype does not support recording calls at all. So i know  and believe that there’re people out there who are still looking for a solution to record their Skype conversations, well, stop looking now, all you need is a third part tool – it should be intuitive and able to work well even if used for long periods of several times consecutively to record calls. Our guide article shows which apps you can trust to be reliable for recording your calls. Below we have collected our full list of Skype call recorder apps so you can see how you can record your Skype calls and begin saving your memories now.

1. Vodburner

Vodburner is a recording program designed to provide you with video and audio Skype calls. The tool is compatible with windows and ensures high quality recording. It has a simple interface and will manage to keep your recorded files organised in the best way possible. A good recorder should at least be able to record Skype calls automatically and also provide various recording modes just like this app. It will allow users to record their Skype calls with this side or other side modes etc but the best part is that the app will let you record and edit your video Skype calls; also it can record voice chats as well as voice mails you get on Skype which make sure that you never miss out on any Skype data. This app also comes with a pause button, providing you with convenience just to keep you relaxed when you are recording your Skype conversations. If you are on the hunt for an app that can record group Skype calls and other VoIP calls, Vodburner is your type.


  • Records both video and audio Skype calls
  • It will start to record automatically
  • It can capture Skype video frames


  • The tool Watermarks Skype videos
  • Free version is limited

2. iFree Skype recorder

iFree is the perfect option if you are searching for a functional, free software that will record away your Skype conversations on windows. This recording tool lets you record Skype calls at a completely zero shilling’s. I know it may sound unreal in your ears, but it’s true, the app allows you to record for free; i mean you can even decide to record from dusk to dawn and you won’t be stopped from having your Skype calls recorded. You will be able to store your audio Skype calls with mp3 file format, also have the option to record both sides, only record my side or only record remote side, whichever works perfectly for you.

The majority love this app because it is reliable and its interface is very easy to operate. In addition, the app is capable enough to record Skype calls automatically as soon as you commence a call in Skype. This recorder has the feel of solid software you will not regret downloading.


  • The tool comes with an auto chat reply
  • It has automatic and manual settings


  • It does not come with a recording warning sound
  • There is no control over sound quality
  • The free version is limited in functions

3. Pamela for Skype

This one is perfect for those who like to record interviews and professional calls. It is amazing and unique in every aspect. It really works well on windows PC and it has four editions; Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business. When you are on a look for Pamela app, be critical enough to identify what suits your needs best because each version serves unique recording features, however, Basic and Call Recorder come as free trial versions but also limited, then Professional and Business are exceptional. They offer business-like features and allow you to record for a lifetime, of course both video and audio Skype calls.

Pamela call recorder for Skype is the real deal if you have been desperately looking for that one app that will provide you with all the recording functions, including Skype chats as well as video messages etc. oh, and let’s not forget that the tool also records both video and audio Skype calls automatically.


  • The tool supports Email forwarding
  • It comes with a call scheduler
  • It can save audio Skype calls in MP3/WAV file format
  • This app will make sure to notify you once you make a Skype call.


  • Pamela Basic which is the best but comes more pricy
  • The free version offers only 15 minutes of call recording

4. TalkHelper call recorder for SKype

This software stands out for its user friendly and simple interface. The program is free and it’s compatible with windows. In addition, while you record video calls with it, it will make sure to capture every video frame of the call. Not only does this app offer both video and audio Skype calls, also note that it records Skype voice mails and Skype chats. You can safely use this app to record your very important Skype calls because it delivers high-quality results when you record and it can save the recordings on your computer, so that when you want to use them in the future, you just simply open the folder and you will enjoy the great times you recorded.

Furthermore, TalkHelper has two versions; it has the free trial version which will let you record for seven days with no serviceable peak and the professional version which allows users to record Skype calls limitlessly, it is all up-to you to either record with the free trial version or with the paid version.


  • Records within Skype and supports both calls
  • It saves audio calls with MP3
  • TalkHelper also comes with a delete button


  • The free version lets you record for 7days only

5. G-Recorder

One of the best features of G-Recorder software is the ability to save Skype audio calls and chats to your email box, which clearly shows that you can access your files at any time, provided you sign in. The program is compatible with windows and it is reliable to use for recording Skype calls. if you want to have access to  your recorded files at any time, simply install this app because it allows you to track your files through internet. You do not have to worry about finding your recordings, as long as you have internet.

This app includes editing functions, which helps you to edit your recorded Skype calls after you save them. It also features automatic call recording that let you just talk when you make a call as it records, ensuring high quality sound as it stores them on the desktop, furthermore, the app is easy to use, reliable and the paid version is also available if you want to have unlimited Skype call recordings since the free one is limited.


  • Saves Skype calls and chats on both computer and email
  • Ideal for tracking Skype calls
  • Users can access their files on mobile


  • You can record for just 14 days with the free version

6. MP3 Skype recorder

Mp3 is very simple and functional. Compatible with windows and it will permit you to easily record both video and audio Skype conversations for free. You will be able to capture calls during your Skype recording session, plus you will never miss a chance to make ends meet with other activities that could be running on your windows PC since the tool can be diminished during your Skype call. You literally cannot record your Skype calls any better! The tool is readable and will not take forever to download on your computer; it will display a simple interface that can be interpreted by any end user, which will give you the moral to start recoding your Skype calls as soon as possible. We really do not want to exaggerate this, but you will prove for yourself when you try to use this app. But, honestly, we think it is worthy.


  • The app records Incoming and Outgoing calls automatically
  • It records both Skype calls for free
  • Mp3 recorder also saves audio Skype calls in wma, wav,mp3 as well as ogg file format


  • It contains a lot of advertisements which makes users an comfortable
  • The tool does not enable you to edit Skype calls

7. Calltruck for Skype

This is one of the best android recording apps on the market, thanks to its user friendly interface, Calltrunk guarantee you will always have the opportunity to share your recorded files. Plus, searching for the audios files is as easy as recording them. Save memories using this app today, as it will enable you Sync all your Skype recorded files with either Dropbox or Evernote. It is perfect and efficient for Android users, and when you use it to record your Skype calls, it will achieve perfectly high quality sound each and every time you record. So do not be afraid to use it, its functionality makes this Skype recording software a top pick and you cannot go wrong with it.


  • The tools stores all Skype calls in your account
  • It allows users to download their recorded files
  • Users login with their Email address to start recording


  • The trial version is limited to only sixty minutes

8. Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder

If you are not ready to spend cash on Skype recorder software, but still want high quality results, Dvdvideosoft is your best bet. The program makes it easy for you to record your Skype calls, plus it is only compatible with windows, leaving Mac users miss out on the good things it comes with. It is completely free, offering you both video and audio Skype calls, while this app records your Skype conversations, it will save videos alone from the audio Skype calls, for instance, Skype audio calls will be saved with mp3 file format, whereas Skype video calls will be saved in wmv file format, i think, that actually makes everything tidy and can easily be accessed whenever. No wonder, different people prefer using this app to record their Skype calls, despite the fact that it does not record Skype calls automatically


  • It is 100% free from viruses, spyware, malware and adware
  • It is best for recording Skype video calls
  • There’s free recording for both video and audio Skype calls


  • It records Skype calls manually not automatically
  • Users need to specify a folder where the recordings will be stored every time they make a call
  • This app has no editing functions

9. Callnote for Skype

This one is quite possibly the most reliable app we have ever seen. We are still obsessed with all the flashy recording features it comes with, such as the ability to record Webmex online meetings as well as have the potential to upload recorded Skype files on YouTube, which can be shared anytime, and this is something any user would want, we would all love to record Skype calls and then share them with our friends and families to see sometime in the future. Its simple interface just adds to its reliability factor. It works with windows 7, win 8, win XP and win Vista, clearly almost with all windows available. In what we have said above, it shows that the tool is only user friendly with windows PC, in the same way that refers to its flexibility. Now in the case of downloading this Skype recorder app, you go to its official website and get it freely to start recording your Skype conversations.


  • This tool produces high quality sound
  • It supports instant Snapshots as you record
  • It will record video and audio Skype calls
  • Users have the ability to upload Skype files on Face book


  • The free version is of course limited

10. AthTek

Although we have a few that we swear by, AthTek call recorder for Skype is by far one of the best apps out there available for recording Skype conversations. This software has a well designed interface which is simple to manage – many people have downloaded it to record their Skype calls, and it will ensure high quality once you entrust it, it will obviously even be a nice investment and worth the price tag if you choose to upgrade to the paid version which comes with plenty of amazing recording features. The package comes with formats which you can save your audio Skype call with for example avi, ogg, mp3 and wma as well as automatic default settings. You can also record your Skype calls manually. It is also our pick for the best app for permitting end users to record while they note down vital information they could get during Skype recording time. It is free to download. If you can use it, this is one of the best out there.


  • Not only does it record both video and audio calls, but also Skype chat messages
  • It is able to respond back to Skype calls as an automation


  • AthTek’s paid version is high priced

11. SuperTintin

SuperTintin is one of our favourite apps on windows. And its recording quality is more trusted professionally. It is user friendly and will record both video and audio Skype calls. It is exceptional when it comes to capturing video Skype calls, you cannot deny the quality it provides, so we would definitely recommend recording your Skype calls with this software. It’s known to truly capture every single video frame and will make sure to store them too. It is one amazing recording app that will not disappoint you, whether you use it to record interviews, conferences or group calls. Users will be able to watch their recorded Skype files once again in the future which is always something we all look forward to of course once we record start recording calls. Anyways, we think you just cannot deny the overall quality of this recording program.


  • It records both sides of the Skype call
  • It offers different recording streams such as audio streams, local webcam & remote webcam


  • SuperTintin does not come with handy features such birthday reminders

12. Evaer

Here is popular recording software; this app is not an exception when it comes to producing overall quality and clarity. It is known for working on windows perfectly and what’s convenient is that it can even record both video and audio Skype conversations you can play-back in the future. This tool is always in the comparison talks when it comes to intuitive interface, people like comparing it with other simple apps, but it has always worn the best position. It is really simple in that even if it’s your first to use a Skype recorder to record your Skype calls, you will manage to operate it. In addition, you can check it out to see what it has in store for you


  • It enables user to share music as well as other documents during Skype call recording
  • It can store Skype video calls with AVI file format


  • The free version of Ever allows users to record for only five minutes

13. Amolto for Skype

Last but not least we have this yet another user-friendly app, and i mean literally super friendly. This will be your best if you like to play around with the brightness while recording your Skype calls. It is perfect for podcasters as well as personal Skype calls. The program will noticeably provide you with high quality results when you record calls, however, this app will not record your Skype video callls if you are using the free trial version of Amolto, the free trial version will only provide you with audio Skype calls and they will even be limited, otherwise, if you want to record both video and audio Skype calls with Amolto call recorder, you had better pay for the premium version, it’s everything as it lets you to record unlimited Skype calls and will save them safely. Grab it now if it is what you are looking for!


  • Amolto tool is super clean, it ensures safety
  • When you record calls with this app, you will have guarantee of your history log
  • It is easy to use for recording Skype calls


  • Its free trial version does not offer both Skype calls
Consider these when choosing a Skype recorder

a) Get an app that supports video & audio

Any software recorder that offers both video and audio Skype conversations is great for recording professional calls as well as personal calls. They can be typically reliable and super handy.

b) Automatic recording

The best software should be able to allow you record Skype calls automatically. It helps in so many ways, sometimes people do not have to fidget with clicking on the start button during their Skype call sessions. Whether the call is Incoming or Outgoing, the type of app you choose is critical in attaining the best.


In our conclusion, we have managed to pull together literally everything we know about each recording app just to quickly pass on the condemnatory data you need to know when consideration to pick one.


Vodburner is easy to use and clean; as well have amazing features – including editing functions, which can help you access them history easily through using tags you may have used to rename your recordings. The app can cleverly record both video and audio Skype calls, to make sure that you too have memories you can watch again in the future.

Before we continue with listing out the good things this app comes with, first, let’s get to know the Operating system it works with best, the program is compatible with windows 7, win 8, win XP as well as win 2000. If you are lucky enough to use one of the windows mentioned above – you can actually go ahead to install it and use it for recording your Skype calls. It is literally one of the most popular softwares that support video and audio call recording for free, and it comes with a handy pause button which helps users to pause their Skype calls where need be.

Another captivating thing about this tool is that it records automatically all Skype calls – Incoming, Outgoing, Video as well as audio. Users can be stress free while using Vodburner because it comes with almost everything you would want in Skype recorder. Besides, personally, i like this tool because when you make a Skype call, and its somehow not configured well, it will make sure to display a message on the interface which says – WARNING: not connected to Skype.

How to use

  1. Always download/install an app on your computer, it should be the first thing
  2. And when you install, usually, you receive a notification which says Allow access
  3. Of course, click on the message to move forward
  4. Once you move forward, it means you can now make a call
  5. When you make a call, the app starts to record automatically
  6. While you record, you will see the pause/resume and Stop button
  7. You are free to click on any button if you need to use them
  8. By any chance, if you halt your recording by clicking on the Stop button
  9. You will find your recording on the computer

However, the app comes with manual settings as well, you should be able to see them once you make a Skype call, you will see two boxes; one has automatic recording and the other has manual recording, so you unmark one to settle with one, since you not mark both boxes, if you ever do anyway, it will not work for you. In addition, we recommend users to leave it at default settings because we think it is more convenient.

Advantages of Vodburner

+ It’s easy for anyone to use

+ Capable to record calls with; this side or other side

Disadvantages of Vodburner

  • It requires money to upgrade
  • The tool will faint design Skype video calls when you try to call someone who does not have the app installed on the computer.






TalkHelper is a brilliant app used to record Skype conversations. This tool got our Skype calls just right – it records with high quality sound for all calls and its design is cool and simple that could make your recording session joyful. It is a great choice if you would like to use the app for more than just recording Skype calls. The software can record both video and audio calls but also supports voice mails and chat messages, so you can never miss out on anything. There is a screen capture that captures almost every video frame of your Skype call. two things we really like about this recording software: the fact that it has editing functions which of course are helpful in a way, for example, you could record something and then realize there are certain parts you are not ok with, and this is when comes convenient, Also, it is compatible with all versions of Skype, including the newest version. It’s efficient enough to record Skype calls as it saves them on your desktop for future use. You will have a smooth ride when you download this tool; we think it should come as priority for every business industry because it is more than reliable.

Features of TalkHelper

  • If you like to record serious Skype calls such as interviews; this is your dream software, this app is capable of recording both video and audio Skype calls excellently only on windows PC, users find it really top because of the way it can record their Skype conversations.
  • Recording your Skype calls is easy with this software, as it starts to record your calls automatically, what you need to do when using it is to commence a call, and it will begin to record straightaway.
  • People who enjoy having their Skype chats recorded as well, this one is capable of anything, it supports all calls and also ensures to save them.
  • This app has a very simple interface. It ensures flexibility and makes it one of the easiest apps out there.
  • Also, this app will give you years of use with its premium version if you ever happen to upgrade to it.
  • Other features of this recording software include; storing video calls with AVI file format, recording from within Skype making it one of the best recordings apps available and offering the best quality

Advantages of TalkHelper

  • It allows users to record both video and audio Skype calls for free

Disadvantages of TalkHelper

  • Users are not allowed to record more than seven days with the free trial version
Benefits of having a good recorder

If you have ever had a bad recorder, you totally understand the difference between a fun app and a boring app. Well, one of the most notable benefits of a good Skype recorder tool is high quality. This is important for those who want clear and audible results; also it should be in position to record calls automatically. Lastly, it should not be complicated, but will be easy to download and install for the user.



Pamela is an excellent choice for recording Skype conversions. Users highly benefit from this app as it will keep every record they make, which can be used for future reference. The program is capable of recording both video and audio Skype calls. All businesses and professionals need a modern tool that can get the recording job done smoothly and efficiently just like Pamela. The software has a screen capture feature so that users can grab some special moments while recording their Skype calls. It is perfect for Skype interviews and other Voice over Internet Protocol calls.

The tool has many useful and priceless features such the ability to remind you about your friends’ birthdays. It is highly desirable among various apps because it comes with four different versions; Pamela Basic, Pamela Call Recorder, Pamela Professional and Pamela Business – which gives users options to choose from, but it also offers the free trial versions which are Pamela Basic and Pamela Call Recorder, both these offer free Skype calls, the only difference is that Basic is limited to a few minutes, which are lesser than what Call Recorder offers.

Furthermore, the tool detects when you make a Skype call and it starts to record automatically every time you commence a call, which means it is convenient. Otherwise to pay for Pamela Professional and Pamela Business would be a great investment that can record your Skype calls for a lifetime, though Pamela Business is a little expensive than all of them, but it is worth the expense.

How to use

In simple terms, let’s precisely show you how to record calls with Pamela

  1. Download Pamela app
  2. Authorize it with Skype by clicking Allow access
  3. Once that is done, make a Skype call
  4. It will record automatically
  5. Click the Stop button to end the call
  6. After check for the recorded files on your PC and playback

Features of Pamela

  • Some of the key features that Pamela has are the capability to reply back to your Skype chats when you are not near your laptop, there’s choice to record your Skype calls with stereo/mono mode. Users have rated this tool as one of the best recorder available because of its precision, functions and recording capabilities. Many end users also appreciate the fact that is supports Skype scheduler.
  • Pamela is super amazing because it is really simple, absolutely simple – different users have reviewed it as one that cannot make you sweat in any way during installation

Advantages of Pamela

  • Pamela allows you to record both video and audio Skype calls automatically
  • It also plays sounds during Skype recording.
Get Pamela Today

Professionals and businesses should have a recorder that produces high quality sound, so that they can have more productive and efficient Skype results for later use. Users can choose this app and feel confident that it will be a positive investment for you. We recommend this one because it has the most beautiful features.