Vodburner is easy to use and clean; as well have amazing features – including editing functions, which can help you access them history easily through using tags you may have used to rename your recordings. The app can cleverly record both video and audio Skype calls, to make sure that you too have memories you can watch again in the future.

Before we continue with listing out the good things this app comes with, first, let’s get to know the Operating system it works with best, the program is compatible with windows 7, win 8, win XP as well as win 2000. If you are lucky enough to use one of the windows mentioned above – you can actually go ahead to install it and use it for recording your Skype calls. It is literally one of the most popular softwares that support video and audio call recording for free, and it comes with a handy pause button which helps users to pause their Skype calls where need be.

Another captivating thing about this tool is that it records automatically all Skype calls – Incoming, Outgoing, Video as well as audio. Users can be stress free while using Vodburner because it comes with almost everything you would want in Skype recorder. Besides, personally, i like this tool because when you make a Skype call, and its somehow not configured well, it will make sure to display a message on the interface which says – WARNING: not connected to Skype.

How to use

  1. Always download/install an app on your computer, it should be the first thing
  2. And when you install, usually, you receive a notification which says Allow access
  3. Of course, click on the message to move forward
  4. Once you move forward, it means you can now make a call
  5. When you make a call, the app starts to record automatically
  6. While you record, you will see the pause/resume and Stop button
  7. You are free to click on any button if you need to use them
  8. By any chance, if you halt your recording by clicking on the Stop button
  9. You will find your recording on the computer

However, the app comes with manual settings as well, you should be able to see them once you make a Skype call, you will see two boxes; one has automatic recording and the other has manual recording, so you unmark one to settle with one, since you not mark both boxes, if you ever do anyway, it will not work for you. In addition, we recommend users to leave it at default settings because we think it is more convenient.

Advantages of Vodburner

+ It’s easy for anyone to use

+ Capable to record calls with; this side or other side

Disadvantages of Vodburner

  • It requires money to upgrade
  • The tool will faint design Skype video calls when you try to call someone who does not have the app installed on the computer.





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