Pamela is an excellent choice for recording Skype conversions. Users highly benefit from this app as it will keep every record they make, which can be used for future reference. The program is capable of recording both video and audio Skype calls. All businesses and professionals need a modern tool that can get the recording job done smoothly and efficiently just like Pamela. The software has a screen capture feature so that users can grab some special moments while recording their Skype calls. It is perfect for Skype interviews and other Voice over Internet Protocol calls.

The tool has many useful and priceless features such the ability to remind you about your friends’ birthdays. It is highly desirable among various apps because it comes with four different versions; Pamela Basic, Pamela Call Recorder, Pamela Professional and Pamela Business – which gives users options to choose from, but it also offers the free trial versions which are Pamela Basic and Pamela Call Recorder, both these offer free Skype calls, the only difference is that Basic is limited to a few minutes, which are lesser than what Call Recorder offers.

Furthermore, the tool detects when you make a Skype call and it starts to record automatically every time you commence a call, which means it is convenient. Otherwise to pay for Pamela Professional and Pamela Business would be a great investment that can record your Skype calls for a lifetime, though Pamela Business is a little expensive than all of them, but it is worth the expense.

How to use

In simple terms, let’s precisely show you how to record calls with Pamela

  1. Download Pamela app
  2. Authorize it with Skype by clicking Allow access
  3. Once that is done, make a Skype call
  4. It will record automatically
  5. Click the Stop button to end the call
  6. After check for the recorded files on your PC and playback

Features of Pamela

  • Some of the key features that Pamela has are the capability to reply back to your Skype chats when you are not near your laptop, there’s choice to record your Skype calls with stereo/mono mode. Users have rated this tool as one of the best recorder available because of its precision, functions and recording capabilities. Many end users also appreciate the fact that is supports Skype scheduler.
  • Pamela is super amazing because it is really simple, absolutely simple – different users have reviewed it as one that cannot make you sweat in any way during installation

Advantages of Pamela

  • Pamela allows you to record both video and audio Skype calls automatically
  • It also plays sounds during Skype recording.
Get Pamela Today

Professionals and businesses should have a recorder that produces high quality sound, so that they can have more productive and efficient Skype results for later use. Users can choose this app and feel confident that it will be a positive investment for you. We recommend this one because it has the most beautiful features.




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