Amolto Call Recorder for Skype is no exception, it will allow you to record your Skype calls and they will be automatically recorded minus zero effort from the user. This works for everyone who would like to have a smooth recording – however you can change the automatic settings to manual recording if it does not work for you that way. A great feature about this program is its capability to record group calls, which is of course helpful when it comes to conference Skype calls. It also has plenty of features we shall look at shortly here. If you enjoy to record your Skype calls and you are as well ready to upgrade, this app would be a great choice, it records all calls with high quality, anyway, why i said if you enjoy to record and feel like ready to upgrade, is because this app will not offer you with video Skype calls with its free trial version, users can only have access to both Skype calls only if  they upgrade to the paid version, precisely, this app comes with two versions; one will offer audio Skype calls and the second one will offer both Skype calls like i mentioned earlier. You think Amolto is amazing? Grab it, it will definitely get the job done for you!

Features of Amolto

  • Its user friendly interface gives users a beautiful gesture, which makes them recommend it to their friends so that they can also experience a good time when they use Amolto to record their Skype conversations.
  • The app brings excitement when you use it, because as soon as you make a call, you will see it doing its job of recording surely and slowly.
  • It is also lightweight, quite different from some other apps available, which of course make it even more modern
  • With the fact that it is free to download, it has become more popular on the market of Skype recorders
  • This software is efficient enough to allow you adjust the light levels from 1o% – 100%, depending on what works pretty good for you.
  • Don’t think this app is moderate and not advanced just because its user-friendly and very simple, it will ensure high quality results every time you record your Skype calls, so users should be confident that they will get the best out of it.

Advantages of Amolto

  • Amolto call recorder records with high quality
  • Best thing here is that it is compatible with windows
  • This app can also be hidden while recording your Skype calls – if you want to

Disadvantages of Amolto

  • Amolto is nice both the free trial version and the paid version, the only disadvantage there is that it cannot allow users to record video with the free trial version, users are only limited to audio Skype calls, so all people who do not want to be limited when recording Skype calls, need to pay to get both Skype calls.


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