AthTek is one of the most unique apps on the market. In fact, it supports both video and audio Skype call recording. This program is noted for its straightforward interface, which is manageable by everyone. The app is not only known for its unique features, but also for splitting Skype calls into different files. It is identifiable for its efficiency and reliability during Skype call recording. Interestingly, this app offers various recording formats for both video and audio calls such as mp3, flac, wma, ogg and others. Besides, from time to time, i have recommended this tool to literally all my friends who used to ask me about best tools that can record their Skype calls, it comes out that nobody has ever even complained or regretted using it. Meaning it is worth downloading on your computer and start recording your Skype calls. Not to forget, it is as well compatible with windows 7, windows XP, windows VISTA as well as windows 2000, as it works greatly with Skype. Most noted about this reliable app is it will allow you to pick and release, which of course helps you to drag old history from Skype to media player, and i bet this is one of the things everyone likes about AthTek

Are you asking yourself, how do i use it?

  • Find the app from the official website of AthTek
  • Download and install it on your device
  • The interface is precise, click on the Allow access button that pops up
  • Make a Skype call from there and the tool will begin to record the call
  • To play around with the video call, check out more features from the settings
  • When you are through with recording, tap the Stop button and the recording will end
  • Your files will be saved on the computer afterwards

Features of AthTek

We like this tool because of the many amazing features it offers while recording your Skype conversations and we are going to list some of them for you right here, check them out.

  • This tool is great for editing Skype calls, users are allowed to do whatever they want to do with their video Skype calls, you are free to top up anything just to make your recording appear different for example, like adding simple tags as well as tittles, which also makes it easy for you to identify them easily in case you are looking for them and what to use them for reference in the future.
  • Recording Skype calls automatically is the order of the day with this app, unless you do not intend to record your calls automatically and decide to opt for the manual recording

Advantages of AthTek

  • It can record both video and audio calls
  • It comes with editing functions

Disadvantages of AthTek

  • This tool will allow you to record for just ten minutes with the free trial version which limits users who have no potential to purchase for the unlimited version





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