Callnote is one of, if not the most identifiable reliable Skype recorder apps, it is highly recognized because of its convenience to permit users upload their Skype recordings on various social media Platforms for the world to see, such as Face Book as well as Viber, anyone can access face book provided they search for you by the right names, which means your friends will be in position to see what you recorded if at all you upload them. The program allows you to record video and audio Skype calls and produces high quality products.  The tool starts to record automatically as opposed to starting it every time you make a call, which is better that way because it guarantees your calls would never miss to be recorded.

Features of Callnote

  • It is really exciting to record Skype calls with this app as it will allow you to take immediate snapshots, the majority like this feature most because it helps to take snapshots during their recording sessions – by doing so they get to save various moments they had when they were having a conversation.
  • With this app, you would never miss to record online meetings because they are also supported,
  • There is no point of recording Skype calls that are not audible, that is why this software come handy in every way, it ensures high quality recordings, we feel like it’s more feature packed, because whatever you need in a recorder, it provides.

How to install Callnote

  1. For most Skype recording softwares, the app will be downloaded through web browser
  2. Go to the official website of Callnote
  3. Click download, it’s always close to the app you want to download
  4. The app window will automatically open and trace the progress of your download
  5. There are no any additional steps to finish the download
  6. After the download is done, tap install and installation will begin
  7. Simply follow the order on the interface
  8. One of them is, you will be prompted to click Allow access button
  9. Click the button to continue
  10. After you do, you will be notified that your call is ready to be recorded
  11. Place your Skype call
  12. You will see the app recording peacefully
  13. And as you record, you will see a pause and stop button
  14. You are free to click on them, in case you want to use them
  15. As soon as you complete recording, Click on the stop button
  16. It will stop recording Asap and it will be saved on your computer in the Documents folder
  17. To watch them again, click on the folder and it will show you all the details you might need

Once you follow the steps i have mentioned above while installing Callnote video Skype recorder software, trust me, it will be set and ready record every Skype call you make.

Disadvantages of Callnote

  • The free version cannot record for a lifetime





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