Evaer is an app that proves how simple recording Skype conversations can be. It will record both video and audio Skype calls, as it makes sure to capture them during your recording period. It works best on windows, which is more convenient for all users with windows PC. If you are looking to try out a recorder that is very simple and functional, Evaer is a great place to start, you will not find any hard time when you use this recorder to record your Skype calls. it has a direct interface that is full featured to get you started. All you have to do is download and install the app, make a Skype call, and it will record automatically not until you stop it. It will also record your Skype video calls with AVI / MP4 file format, depending on what you desire. This is especially helpful when you want to play your recording s from different players, because they can even be shared. This program comes with a trial version, plus the paid version. The free version offers both video and audio Skype calls, but the calls will be restricted, whereas the paid version offers unlimited call recording. So we think, it even gets more fun when you upgrade. All that said, it is free to download.

Features of Evear

  1. This tool is liked and used by many because it enables you to share files while recording calls for example, you can share music as well as videos etc
  2. One of the strongest qualities this app has is its excellent high quality production, which is nice for playing back in the future; you will have very clear recordings that will put a smile on your face every time you re-watch them.
  3. It has various modes you can record your Skype calls with, such as Separate video mode, Picture in Picture mode, Separate files mode or Side by Side mode, and it can also record group video Skype calls until 10 ways.
  4. And lastly, if you are planning to have group video Skype calls, Evaer could be better because it supports all that and it is effective.

Advantages of Evaer

  • It can be better for professional Skype calls since it even records automatically
  • It is simple to use and that makes it ideal for all users
  • Users are free to record video and audio Skype calls
  • It can record voice mails and Skype video chats
  • The tool comes with automatic settings, which can be changed to manual settings any time if you do not want all your Skype conversations to be recorded automatically.

Disadvantages of Evaer

  • The main drawback with this app is that it offers only five minutes of Skype call recording with the free trial version, so if you expect to have serious Skype calls and this is your pick, it’s better to pay some money in order to record with the paid version which offers unlimited calls.

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