iFree Skype Recorder is undeniably the first software in the whole world to provide free and unlimited Skype calls, and that has highly contributed to its popularity on the market. The program speaks for itself because it is very simple to record calls with. Everything on its interface is brief and users can never fail to understand it. it will allow you record unlimited calls, which is not common with other apps, more reason why users over rate it as one of the best ever, so many people wish to record their important Skype calls for free, but have no idea that there is a completely free tool they can use, this is the app, it is just un believable the way it works. And on top of that, when it records calls, it will also save them for you on your computer. With this app, you will be able to record Skype calls automatically, be it SkypeOut or SKypeIn call, which is ideal for any call. In addition, it has two versions, it has the free version, plus the paid version, they both allow you to record Skype calls but the paid version has great features that will make your recording experience more enjoyable and much better.

Features of iFree

  • Not only will iFree app record your Skype calls, but will also save your audio calls with mp3 file format immediately you stop your call.
  • This other feature is useful to everyone, mostly for people who are always up and down and those that hardly find time for their Skype. The tool provides a chat reply – which automatically texts back whenever someone texts you when you are not around, it will send back appropriate feedback and your friends will not feel neglected at all, tell me, wouldn’t you love to use this app with all these reliable features it offers? Personally, i enjoy recording my calls with iFree since i can ever record my Skype calls non-stop.
  • Who would want to record calls that are unclear and full of echoes? I guess no one – now to avoid all that, you need this app, because it is reliable when it comes to producing good quality results, recordings that you can be proud of and even openly share them with other people and of course every memory is more fun when it is smooth.
  • The app is compatible with windows; this is obviously an added advantage to it since it makes it simpler to operate, all my fellow windows users, i recommend you try this simple and free tool.
  • The tool is also pocket friendly, whether you have money or you are just not ready to spend cash on any Skype recorder app, it will enable you to record unlimited Skype conversations

Advantages of iFree

  • Users are allowed to record Skype calls without charge
  • It stores audio Skype calls in mp3 file format

Disadvantages of iFree

  • We all know that, even the nicest things, also have their faults somewhere, somehow; and we found out that this tool cannot support long calls.







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