Supertintin is a complete recording app that is just about convenient and efficient as reliable apps get. This software is loaded with useful features including Side by Side, Picture in Picture, Separate files, Local webcam only, and Remote webcam only, excellent high quality, and a pause button that makes recording easier because you can click the pause button at any time. Its stability makes it exceptional for anyone to entrust it with recording calls. we believe that this tool provides the best recording experiences, as its goal is to help you record both video and audio Skype calls, and surely, we all know, not all apps available can offer both calls because most of them offer audio call recording, to get the video calling, you need to pay, in addition to experiences, it also allows to upload files on YouTube for other people to watch your recordings. It requires minimal time and effort while installing than most recorders, which does not frustrate at all. It can also be operated by new users, since the interface is super user-friendly. While you record your Skype calls, the tool will allow you to store recorded Skype files to your computer or USB, which makes it easier for you playback in the future. Try to install this app if you think it would be of great use.

Features of Supertintin

  • First, this tool offers a free trial version, which helps you to try out Skype call recording. The reason it offers a free trial, is simply because, when users have a sample of how excellent it is with the free version they definitely have to imagine how the paid version would perform – and if they realise the app is reliable and offers professional features. They upgrade.
  • It is lightweight, also downloading is simple, as it will not take more than one minute for it be on your windows PC
  • The tool supports screen sharing, users are able to screen share all that is necessary while recording Skype video calls and it will make sure to display every little detail on the Screen. Like really, who never gets excited about this feature, i enjoy using it when i am recording my Skype lessons and every time that i do it, i benefit much more than when i record without sharing.
  • Another amazing feature we found useful about this app, is when it records Skype calls, it will show you all the information of the Skype call made, for example; like Date, month, year, plus the time duration – this will obviously help you to not spend so much time looking for your previous recorded calls
  • It is good for recording video Skype calls because it produces HD results – of course the kind of results you will not be ashamed of to share with your friends and families on YouTube.

Advantages of Supertintin

  • It records both Skype calls including voice mails and Skype video messages
  • The tool also supports Skype group video calls


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