Mp3 call recorder for Skype is one of those apps you can never go wrong with. It is among the best recorders on the market. The program is also compatible with windows, and will allow you to record both Skype conversations for example video and audio calls. Downloading and installing it is very simple and direct, so users will not find a hard time using it. This unique app will provide you with different formats you can save your audios for instance mp3 or wav file format, basically ideal for professional Skype calls, because it makes it easy to record both calls as it is super efficient than you would ever expect, and unlike most apps, this one can detect existing Skype calls and store them simultaneously on your computer, which makes it easier to search for them later. Also, if you do not have much space on your computer, Mp3 is still the perfect choice – lightweight and clean, it makes just everything a walk over. This tool will always be a great way to entertain you while you record your Skype calls. However, make sure to know your needs before you purchase for the Pro version. Excuse me, if i had not mentioned earlier that it is has two versions; the free trial version and the paid version. Its free version offers both video and audio Skype call recording but it does not guarantee lifetime call recording and other great features the paid version comes with.

How to use Mp3

I hope we all know that when we want to get an app, we get it directly from its official website, unless otherwise, so let’s see how to we can record Skype calls using Mp3 recorder anyway.

  • Simply download and install mp3 software on your windows
  • The app will connect with Skype as soon as the installation is done, so you will get a notification
  • The message will have Allow access, and so you will have to tap on the button for it to start recording calls
  • Now, you will see advanced tab on the interface which you will click on, to proceed from there, again tap on the Manage other programs access to Skype.
  • Once everything that i have mentioned above is done, you make a call and the app will begin to record automatically
  • All Skype calls that will be recorded with this app will be in super high quality.

Features of Mp3

  • This app is known for producing high quality results, no wonder its one of the most downloaded tools available
  • Not only does produce high quality results, but also makes sure to send back a chat message to people who try to reach you when are not near your computer, important for those who hardly get time to interact with their friends on Skype.
  • The tool has also grown increasing popular over the last few years because of its simple interface

Disadvantages of Mp3

  • To get the better version, users have to spend some cash



G-Recorder is simple yet highly effectively when it comes to recording Skype conversations. You can record audio Skype calls as well as chats and they will be saved. Using this app can make you feel much more relaxed because it would never take you a minute to track your recordings when you connect to internet. As an example, Users can simply login their email accounts and still access their recorded files at anytime. Because of this, so many people prefer this tool to other apps, since convenience is what we all need at the end of the day. If you are ready to start recording some important Skype calls, then you should not miss out on installing this app. When you record with this software, you will keep track of everything you record. Oh, i do not know what you have been told, but this app right here is one of the best Skype recording programs available for tracking Skype conversations. Furthermore, you will know when G-Recorder app starts to record your Skype calls because it can start to record automatically as soon as you make a Skype call. Therefore, if you think it’s the one you have been looking for, don’t be confused by other apps, start to make moves!

Features of G-Recorder

  • No matter how disorganised you think you are, there will always be an app to pick you up, by that, i mean there will be a software to keep your files organised. G-Recorder will save all your Skype calls on both computer and email, which makes it easy for you to look for them in the future.
  • As you use this software, you will come to realize that it is also possible to record Skype calls when the alert sound is muted, it all depends on your desires, once you download it, you can be with full control over it
  • I would genuinely recommend this app to anyone because it’s the type that could allow you access your recorded files on mobile, how handy can this be really, record whatever you can record and focus on what you can control while using G-Recorder tool
  • Some people enjoy recording their Skype calls – for security reasons, others just want to enjoy the good moments in the future after they record. Because of this, a recorder should be able to protect information and this is exactly what G-Recorder provides, no one can ever access your Skype call recordings as long as you keep your email logins jealously.

Advantages of G-Recorder

  • This app is very handy because it allows users to access their Skype recordings at any time
  • Users of this app are so grateful, since it provides a free trial version which enables them to record Skype calls for free


We recommend you improve your listening Skills carefully during your Skype recording sessions, because one of the best ways to get excellent results is listening and then you respond accordingly. Always let the other person talk with no interruptions, then respond back after.




Dvdvideosoft was designed for those who like to record Skype calls for free, this software is attractive because it offers both video and audio Skype calls, and it is also compatible with windows PC. It is extremely functional, this might be the best app you ever use. Unlike other apps, this Skype recorder allows you to record all Skype conversations freely and it will as well ensure high quality. While using this app to make calls, you make sure to click on the start button, so that it can begin to record your Skype calls, it is like so, because this app does not come with automatic settings, so literally everything you do with this tool, has to be done manually including saving your recorded files, you have to specify a folder that you will store your Skype calls in. So once you decide to use it, also be ready enough to always tap the button, and if you ever miss to tap it, clearly, your Skype calls will never be recorded at all. In addition, it also provides a pause button; we all know that the pause button is handy while we record our Skype calls. This program is sure to hit all your recording expectations.

Features of Dvdvideosoft

  • This app is ideal for anyone looking for an app that can record business calls; it is easy and comes with simple buttons to operate while recording your Skype call. The reason why i said it is ideal for business calls is because it supports both video and audio Skype call recording, and most business calls require video call recording, because it is convenient for any kind of revision or reference in the future.
  • This app may be the solution to the limited space on your windows PC, it is lightweight as well as low CPU needs, when you download this app, there will not be literally much change in regarding to space, so users can install it freely
  • Another eye catching feature about this app is that its clean, no viruses whatsoever, so you had better be confident that it will not affect any files on your computer
  • This Skype recorder tool sets itself apart from others in its class since it free and can record both Skype calls (video and audio) convenient
  • When you want to record your Skype calls with this kind of tool, make sure you have windows pc, because it is perfectly compatible with windows, you will be amazed by how effortlessly it can record Skype conversations.
  • No matter how naive you may be about computer, you will be able to record calls with this app as it only comes with 3 buttons that are precise to read.
  • For everyone who has ever wished to record video and audio Skype calls for, this is the one

Advantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • It is free to download

Disadvantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • We are yet to find out the faults this tool come with





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